Friday, February 10, 2017

Honeybelle, Wisteria, Trumpet Vine

Honeybelle is a versatile, easy-to-grow vine for all gardeners. Its first flush of flowers is like a waterfall of golden blossoms and repeat blooms with extraordinary consistenty. It is exceptionally hardy, withstanding temperatures to -39° F. This compact twining vine will bloom well into fall and produces some red berries. Although it will grow in semi-shaded areas, full sun will ensure the best show of blooms.


Blooming in June on new growth, individual flowers are borne on long showy racemes and open in a lovely shade of dark lavender before fading. Wisteria is a beautiful flowering vine that can easily cover an arbor or pergola, creating a cool, shady place. Producing an interesting seedpod in late summer, this vine has lovely multi-season interests and is more reliably cold hardy than other wisteria. 

Trumpet Vine

Dark red buds open to orange-red trumpet-like flowers, which deepen in color as they mature to an incredibly bold red. A vigorous vine, Atomic Red™ will climb on stone or woodwork. It serves as an outstanding vertical accent to add color to a sunny fence or wall.